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L.A. Based Creative Studio

built by ben AND ianand friends  

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human person
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human person

Human Person is a creative studio from Los Angeles, CA.

Across a variety of fields, we work to create holistic design— where each arm of the creative and technical process work in harmony with one another, creating experiences that feel purposeful, unique, and surprising. From concept to execution, we work to embrace every element of live production so that we can empower them to become larger than the sum of their parts.

We are proud to be a small company with a big extended family of incredibly talented artists, engineers, programmers, and designers.


    • Lou Alencar
    • BEN Dalgleish
    • Stephen Hedges
    • Aron Johnson
    • Molly Leishman
    • Ash Smith
    • Frances Waite
    • GINGER
    • ROY

Born in Rochester, New York, Frances comes from the Fine Art World and never lets anyone forget it. Working in the early concept stage of production, Frances brings ideas to life at Human Person and lends her visual vocabulary to the team by way of storyboarding, concept artwork, and generalized visual design. Shortly after being named one of the most influential creators of the year in Vogue’s World 100 in 2018, she betrayed the NY code of ethics by moving to Los Angeles and actually liking it (there’s so much more space!). When she’s not helping the team, Frances is working in her studio and hanging with Ginger the Dog and Roy the Cat.